Female Community Created by PokerStars for Women's Day

PokerStars has launched 'Our Voices,' a female insights community for all women in poker, to coincide with International Women's Day festivities.

"Our Voices" is a platform where PokerStars actively promotes and participates in discussions on female-centric and general subjects, events, and ideas about the poker scene. 

PokerStars is welcoming women into the community. New and experienced players meet to discuss topics at the poker table to make the game as inclusive and exciting as possible for everyone. 

Additionally in the EU PokerStars has also teamed up with Powher. They have revealed a collaboration with World College Poker to host a free-to-play global women's online poker tournament in celebration of Women's History Month.

The tournament will take place on PokerStars on March 27, 2021, and the top nine players will advance to the final table to compete for a variety of prizes.

PLOQuickPro.com has donated a trip to Cancun as well as one-on-one poker lessons from top pros Jonathan Little of PokerCoaching.com and World College Poker's head coach Alex Fitzgerald.

Poker Powher was created in 2020 to help women of all ages build the strategy, risk management, discipline, and resilience required to thrive – both in poker and in life.

Poker Powher's plan to teach one million women to play the game is furthered by promoting female education.

“PokerStars wants to celebrate women in poker by taking a look at our women-focused offering and spicing it up, starting with dedicating a Platinum Pass to a community that regularly enjoys playing these Sunday tournaments,” said Rebecca McAdam Willetts, Associate Director of Public Relations, The Stars Group.

On March 7, 256 players signed up for the online tournament to compete for a piece of the $12.5 million prize pool. The top three players then took their virtual seats on March the 21st to compete for a piece of the $12.5 million prize pool. The $22 buy-in will be available for a few weeks, and PokerStars is exploring ways to make these tournaments as engaging as possible in the future. 

PokerStars has previously celebrated and highlighted women in poker and the industry through various events, including exclusive giveaways and original material. 

Last year, PokerStars invited players to nominate inspiring women in poker to compete for a chance to win a coveted Platinum Pass. Hundreds of submissions were received, with unique stories from all over the poker world, bringing “Our Voice” to the gaming industry.

PokerStars has a range of ongoing tournaments every Sunday for female players who have their own dedicated big-money tournament. Every week, Women's Sunday is held; you can buy in directly or win a seat for less with hundreds of satellites starting at under a dollar, and you can even qualify using your StarsCoin.

Now is the time to qualify!

Be sure to check out PokerStars for promotions and events in 2021. 




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