Michigan Residents Warned About Unregulated Casinos

The Michigan Gaming Control Board advised residents on Monday that gaming with unlicensed, unregulated companies poses unforeseen risks. In this article we have all the details and information.

Due to a number of reported incidents of winnings not being paid out, a key gaming regulator in the state of Michigan has issued a warning to bettors about the dangers of placing wagers on illegal, black market websites. The prospect of identity theft taking place through the use of these networks has been cited as a source of concern.

It is possible that playing at unregulated sites will be challenging due to concerns about the difficulties of getting winnings and deposit returns, among other things, according to Henry Williams, the executive director of the MGCB.

Among other things, Williams underlined the dangers of criminals obtaining personal information through unregulated websites and selling it to third parties for illicit purposes such as seeking medical care or filing bogus tax returns.

After receiving numerous complaints concerning prize non-payment, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB), the state's primary gaming regulator, issued a warning to gamblers. It was recommended by the MGCB that speculators avoid placing their bets through unlawful platforms on the black gaming market.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board does not have the jurisdiction to take action against unlicensed businesses if they do not have a valid gaming license. 
Because the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) does not have the authority to take action against unregulated betting sites, Michigan gamblers must be even more cautious when deciding with which operators to place their wagers:

In contrast to a regulated gambling site, when a consumer has an issue with an unregulated, offshore gaming site, the MGCB is unable to act, as is the case with a regulated gambling site.

Our organization is unable to handle an issue with a website that is not regulated.
Henry Williams, Executive Director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB), speaks on the state of the gaming industry in Michigan (MGCB)

The state's gaming regulatory board issued a news release estimating that as many as 24,00 incidences of identity theft will be recorded in Michigan in 2020, which is more than the national average. When it comes to internet wagering and playing on the go with your mobile or PC, Michigan achieved a new record in October of 2021, with a total of $463.3 million in total wagers.

What to look out for

As seen, it's essential to take a good look and review the casinos. We check every bit here at NJ casino to ensure you have an excellent safe play. 

Things to look out for that have happened with some casinos.

  • False Advertising
  • Payment Problems
  • Other Questionable Practices
  • Rigged Games

When analyzing a casino, we pay attention to every aspect. Here's a list of the things we look at when writing casino reviews:

  • Their licensing should be a priority.
  • Look for incentives and promotions in your area.
  • Inquire about games and their suppliers
  • Observe how they're paying for things.
  • Calculate the return on investment
  • Ensure that the customer service is excellent
  • Install the app on your mobile device
  • Learn about the company's Responsible Gambling Initiative.

It is always important to look out for everything when playing, so be sure to even check out the privacy policy. Online gambling should be an entertaining and fun experience. But be aware it's important to play responsibly. 


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