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Live game shows are some of the newest and hottest types of games you'll see! Find the best game shows at the top online casinos here.

Play the Best Live Casino Game Shows 2021

Live casino game shows let you live your dream! Many of us watched game shows when we were younger and longed to be on that stage, winning money and prizes.

Well, technology has smiled upon us, and now you can be "on" a game show using your computer or mobile device.

Real hosts. Real money. Real prizes. You'll love it!

Are Online Casino Game Shows legal in the US?

Online casinos have been legalized in a few states, and more are on the way! New Jersey is currently the only state where you can watch live casino game shows.

With Evolution Gaming as the lead supplier, Pennsylvania will be the next state to offer live casino game shows.

A handful of online casinos in the US  have jumped at the opportunity to offer their customers this great new form of entertainment. 

The most common live game show you will find right now is Dream Catcher. You can find Dream Catcher at the following casinos

 Is Online Game Shows safe?

Yes, game shows are safe.

No, they are not rigged. For starters, live casino game shows are filmed from a studio in real-time. Secondly, the machines used in that studio use RNG software to keep the outcomes random. 

And finally, each game is monitored and regulated by the state's gaming authorities to be sure that they're not rigged. 

If casinos are caught not following state laws to keep their games fair for players, they risk paying hefty fines and even the possibility of being shut down from operating in the state. In short, it doesn't pay to cheat. 

Discover the world of Casino Game Shows

Live casino game shows blend your favorite TV and board games with the thrill of betting at a casino. Each one has a live dealer who acts as the host of the game show and is filmed in real-time at a live studio in high definition.

Live Casino TV Game Show style

Live casino TV game shows are those inspired by already existing game shows you would be familiar with on TV. 

An example of this would be Deal or No Deal. 

In almost every way, live casino game shows were designed to resemble real television game shows. In comparison to other Live Casino games, the games are still held in a studio, players remain seated behind their screens, and the action is overseen by a trained professional.

The latter, on the other hand, is different. A croupier, like in a land-based casino, deals the cards or spins the wheel and is usually seated in a chair.

Original Live Casino Game Show 

Original live casino game shows are unique concepts created by the software developer but played out in a game show format. 

Examples of this would be Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher. 

Most Popular Casino Game Shows 

 While Dream Catcher is already available in some of the best casinos in the US, we are looking forward to seeing a few of these other titles as well. 

Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal brings the classic game show to a whole new level! This is another live dealer game show brought to you by Evolution Gaming. 

The game is divided into three segments. 

Segment 1: It "qualifies" by rolling a vault wheel. Players must play the spaces in a specific order to qualify. Specific multipliers are attached when the player reaches Segment 3.

Segment 2: Unlock the safe, and head straight to the topaz, Where you will find segments is here. There will be another wheel with various amounts on it, this time. The amount landed on will be multiplied by the number on the wheel.

Segment 3: at the end, the dealer appears with an assistant. You will immediately recognize why you are here. Briefcases are awarded according to the numbers in previous rounds. To close out players, the "deals" will be given one-by-one by the dealer. At this point, players can decide between "Deal, "Redeal," No Deal, "or "Switch briefcases.

Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is one of the newer live casino games offered by Evolution. In this live casino game show, the classic board game comes to life! 

This is another spinning wheel of chance game, where players place their bets on where the wheel will stop. However, this game has the potential to trigger a Bonus Game if it lands on a designated space. 

In this bonus game, Mr. Monopoly comes to life and walks around the board, triggering multipliers that will stack up and could potentially increase your winnings by 150x! 

Dream Catcher Live

Because it's the first game from Evolution Gaming, it's understandable that Dream Catcher was developed in the US.

This is a game of chance run by a live dealer. Players will guess where the wheel will stop and place bets on a number. For numbers wager, choose 1, 5, 10, or 40.

Additionally, there are multipliers: a 7x and 2x. Wheels down each time it lands on a number until it finds a wage. There is a chance to make big money if one bet.

This game would be more comparable to Live Roulette than zero-zero.

Did You Know

Casino Room has one of the most comprehensive selections of live dealers in the industry. With over 1300 games and licenses in Malta and Sweden, players from all over the world may enjoy Casino Room!

How do Live Dealer Casino Game Shows work? 

Live casino game shows look like a game show but work more like a live dealer game. The host is essentially the dealer, as they are in charge of spinning the wheel and other tasks to keep the game moving. 

But the casino aspect of the game is that players are still placing wagers on the outcome of the game; whether it be the outcome of the wheel or what's inside the briefcase.

These games also use Random Number Generator software, keeping all game outcomes random and fair. 

Types of Game Shows

Real money entertainment is becoming increasingly popular, and there are different types of shows you may take part in daily. Take this as an illustration:

  • Casino Game Shows: These are live game shows based on classic casino games like roulette, with a TV-style twist (e.g Lightning Roulette).
  • Classic TV Game Programs: These are live real money games based almost exclusively on classic game shows like Deal or No Deal or Wheel of Fortune.
  • Fusion Game Shows: are live game shows that blend elements of classic game shows with other games, such as Monopoly Live.

Casino Game Shows based on traditional casino games

Casino game shows are those that take well-known games like roulette or craps and give them fascinating new twists to turn them into engrossing television series.

Examples of this include:

  • You'll be treated to hidden bonuses, lightning rounds, and other surprises when your host spins a gigantic roulette wheel.
  • In this version of craps-style gameplay, players roll the dice and hope for the best in a game called Lightning Dice.
  • With Super Sic Bo, you play alongside the host, who hits the button to start the dice rolling for you. There are also multipliers and bonuses along the way. This version is based on the classic Chinese dice game.

Casino Game Shows based on popular tv shows

These online casino game shows are modeled on real-world classic game shows like: 

Deal or No Deal.

Other Game Shows

For example, Monopoly Live combines classic board games with random number generators to create a live game show based on the beloved board game we know and love.

There is also Dream Catcher, Gonzos Treasure Hunt, and Crazy Time. 

Did You Know

Evolution Gaming's Monopoly Live is without a doubt the best live casino game show ever made. Hybrid live RNG game combining Dream Catcher's wheel of fortune with a new 3D Monopoly bonus round.

How to participate in a Casino Game Show?

The rules of the game are dependent on which game you choose to play. 

However, to play any game at an online casino, the first step is that you will have to register as a user on the casino's website. 

Register on the casino

You'll follow the normal process to register. You'll need to provide:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mailing address
  • Date of Birth
  • Last four digits of the Social Security Number
  • Be sure to grab a welcome bonus to get you started.

Get qualified to play

After you've registered and been verified, you'll need to pick a game to play. 

Currently, Dream Catcher is the only live casino game show you will find at most online casinos. However, check back often, as this will likely change as live casino game shows grow in popularity. 

Did you know?

It is the largest live casino supplier in the world in terms of the number of tables and slots it sells. The company already provides all of the power to New Jersey's current live casinos and is set to begin providing electricity to other state-run casinos soon.

Casino Game Shows on Mobile

The great news is that you can play live game shows on your mobile as well! You still get full access to the game.

Since live streaming uses a lot of data, it's recommended that you only play with strong WiFi connections.


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