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US-Casino.com - a gamblers’ guide to USA online casinos and bonuses

At US-Casino.com, we navigate around the US online casino industry to find the best bonuses for casino players. Our experts have reviewed online casinos in legal jurisdictions to create detailed, honest reviews of legal online casinos in the US. Let us show you which USA online casinos offer your favorite online casino games and how you can play online casino games for free! Our experts know the industry inside and out and can lead you to the most free spins and free play offers. Play free online casino games and win real money - no deposit necessary! Find no deposit bonus casino offers that allow you to try out tons of online casinos before you make a single deposit! And most importantly, let us show you who you can trust when it comes time to start making deposits into your player accounts. US-Casino.com is your reliable partner for navigating this fast-paced online gambling industry, safely and securely while maximizing your winnings.

Finding the best online casino in USA

There are many factors that play into finding the best online casino in the USA. These days, with the online casino market opening up in so many states, there are many safe and legal options for online gambling. This is of course a positive thing, but how do you narrow down your choices? It’s actually much simpler than you think. When finding the best online casino in the US, you must consider the following factors:

  • Location
  • Casino games selection
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Software quality
  • VIP programs/loyalty schemes
  • Payment methods offered
  • Customer support
  • Mobile gaming options

Online casino location

In order to legally play at a regulated online casino or poker room, you must be located in the state where the casino is registered. For example, in order to play in NJ online casinos, you must physically be within the New Jersey state borders. Not all states have legalized online gambling, therefore it is very important to check the laws of the state where you wish to participate in online gambling before registering and depositing money into a player account.

Casino games selection

Different online casinos offer different selections of online casino games. Some online casinos offer massive lists of slots while others may focus more on their table game varieties. It is good to browse lists of casino games and even try them out before you select a casino to deposit your money into. Online casinos offer no deposit bonus codes in order for players to try out online casino games for free. This allows you to get a feel for the game selections offered in different online casinos. Many online casinos will even offer the same game titles with different rules and variations. It is always smart to try the games out before you start depositing.

Casino bonuses and promotions

The goal in online gambling is always to spend less and earn more, right? Well there’s no better way to do that than by getting your hands on casino bonuses and promotions. Online casinos use no deposit bonus codes to lure in new players. No deposit bonus codes allow you a certain amount of free spins and/or free play on certain casino games, so that you can try out what the online casinos have to offer. You can actually earn real money playing online casino games free! Once you have made a deposit into an online casino, you will receive a nice welcome bonus package with one or more casino bonuses to take advantage of. Depending on the online casino you register with, you could receive a large amount of free casino cash or free play.

Software Quality

The software developers play a huge role in affecting how well USA online casinos perform. There are many gaming software developers in the US and the competition is great. Building online casino games is no easy task, and these days casino games are getting better and better every day. Legal and regulated online casinos work with the most talented software providers in the world, making your gaming experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

VIP programs and loyalty schemes

One of the best parts about playing with a legal online casino is the trustworthy loyalty schemes that give back to the players for spending their money. The best online casinos offer attractive VIP benefits for their loyal customers and high paying players. Each online casino offers its own unique loyalty scheme, therefore, research is key in finding the best bang for your buck. Our experts know the business inside and out, and have fulfilled much of this research for you. Check out our online casino reviews for the ins and outs of USA online casinos and their different ways of rewarding players.

Banking methods

Banking transactions with online casino sites has not always been easy. Online casino play is still not completely accepted across the entire country, therefore, it is not always easy to carry out banking transactions. Online gambling is slowly becoming more and more popular, therefore certain banking methods are becoming increasingly available. In our expert reviews, we show which deposit and withdrawal methods are accepted on which online casinos.

Customer support

There always comes a time when we need to ask for help. This is especially true with complicated matters such as online gambling websites. The best online casinos will have thorough FAQ sections so that you can find you questions already answered. In situations where your questions are more unique, most sites will have a live chat, support email address, or phone number to reach a customer service representative.

Mobile gaming

In today’s fast paced society, gamblers are playing online casino games on-the-go more often than playing on their desktop counterparts. That is why mobile casino apps are a must for USA online casinos to stay competitive. Mobile gaming apps usually have a nice selection of online casino games, representative of the main casino site. Not all mobile casinos have a huge selection - it depends on the operator and how dedicated they are to creating a comprehensive mobile casino app. Most casino apps have a long list of online slots and some even have a wide variety of table games to choose from.

Legal USA online casinos

You cannot find legal online casinos in every state in America. Online gambling is slowly being legalized across the country but for now, you can find legal USA online casinos in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. It is very important to make sure you are depositing your money into legal online casinos only. Legal casinos are regulated and monitored for safety and fairness, so that players do not get scammed and lose money unnecessarily. Playing in an online casino that is not licensed or regulated could lead to unfair casino games, false information, and having your money stolen. Legal online casinos are regulated by the state to ensure that information such as house edge and RTP rates are correct, tested, and proven to be fair.

Top 10 USA online casinos

The top 10 best online casinos in the USA are determined by many important factors. It is most important that these online casinos are secure and reliable so that players can trust that their money is safe in their player accounts. It is also important that these online casinos offer the best casino bonuses and promotions so that players can have frequent opportunities for free spins and free play while being rewarded for their loyalty. Online casino games selections are also extremely important. Players want to see a list of their favorite online casino games as well as a comprehensive selection of new games to try out when they are up for a new challenge or a change of scenery. Navigation on the casino sites should be clear and intuitive so that players can easily find what they are looking for. Customer support is a must as well. If players have trouble getting in touch with customer support representatives, they will most certainly not stay with that casino site - especially when online casino competition is constantly on the rise in the US. Finally withdrawal and deposits must be seamless and simple. Players do not want to waste too much time waiting for payments to go through, which is why banking transactions should never cause too much hassle.

Our experts have taken all of these factors into account. We have reviewed legal online casinos in the US and have formulated the best possible ratings of the best online casinos in the US. Read our comprehensive, detailed reviews to see what our casino experts have to say.

Online casino bonuses and promotions

In order to maximize your winnings and log off of your computer with as much extra cash in your player account as possible, it’s best to get your hands on some casino bonuses or take advantage of special promotional offers. Casino bonuses and promotions are what online casino players live for. These rewards are also USA online casinos best marketing tool.

Players always look for the online casinos with the best bonus offers. This not only means the biggest bonus offers, but it also refers to the bonus offers catered towards your personal gaming preferences. If you are not so much into playing slots, then a free spins bonus offer wouldn’t interest you as much. If table games are more interesting to you, then perhaps you would rather take advantage of a huge deposit match bonus in order to get as much free casino cash as possible.

Many online casinos offer no deposit bonus codes for new players, giving you the chance to unlock free spins or free casino play before depositing your own money into your player account. You can even win real money using these no deposit bonus codes before you even deposit a penny into the online casino. These no deposit bonus codes always come with specific wagering requirements in order to withdraw your winnings, therefore, it is always important to read the terms and conditions before you start using no deposit bonus codes.

Once you have registered with an online casino and you wish to start depositing, you will receive a nice welcome bonus casino offer from the respective online casino. Depending on the casino, you could receive multiple bonuses at once! These welcome bonus packages usually include first deposit match bonuses - and sometimes second and third match bonuses as well! Sometimes you will also receive refund bonuses which offer refunds on your losses up to a certain amount. These bonus offers are super exciting when you are starting out with a new online casino as you will still be acquainting yourself with the site and its online casino games.

Even players who have already used up their welcome bonuses and no deposit bonus codes are still eligible for special casino bonuses and cool promotions at USA online casinos. These no deposit bonus codes for existing players come in the form of email promotions once you have signed up and deposited at an online casino. The best online casinos will cater their bonus code offers to their loyal players’ individual gaming preferences. It is important to keep players happy - especially because there are so many other casino options out there to choose from. With that said, make sure you take advantage of these promotions when they appear in your inbox. It is worth checking and taking advantage of as much free play and as many free spins as possible.

When playing online slots, there are many opportunities to win bonus rounds. These bonus rounds are special promotions in themselves. Bonus rounds can earn you free spins, free casino cash, and many other special rewards. Players can even score bonus rounds when playing online slots for free. These bonus rounds in online casino games are fun ways of gaining no deposit bonus casino offers.

How to find a no deposit casino bonus in USA

Good news! No deposit casino bonus offers are some of the easiest casino bonuses you can find in the US. No deposit bonus codes in USA can be found in many places, including affiliate sites like US-Casino.com. Online casinos also present their no deposit bonus codes on the registration pages of their sites, so that you can take advantage of new usa no deposit casinos’ bonus offers upon registering.

These special no deposit casino bonus offers allow new players to unlock free spins to play online slots for real money - no deposit required. If luck is in your favor, you can really win big on free spins with bonus rounds. Usually free slot games come with exciting bonus rounds that can bring you big wins or even more free spins.

Sometimes online casinos will also offer free play in their other online casino games through the use of no deposit bonus codes. Free no deposit casino bonus codes in USA vary depending on which operator is supplying them. If you are not so much into slots, it is worth looking around for these free no deposit casino bonus codes in USA for online casino table games.

No deposit casino bonus offers are not just for new players, however. Existing players can receive no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players which unlock free spins and free play! These usually come in the form of promotions and rewards. Casinos love to reward their loyal players and no deposit casino bonus offers are a great example!

Free play in USA online casinos

Players are faced with many frequent opportunities for free play in USA online casinos. Free play comes in many forms and if used correctly, can really earn you a lot of free spins and casino cash. Players can even play free online casino games and win real money- no deposit necessary!

Usually, in order to achieve this, you will first need to register with an online casino. On casino registration pages, there are usually no deposit bonus codes which unlock a certain number of free spins. Oftentimes these free spins come with bonus rounds and have extremely great odds of winning free casino cash. Once this free casino cash is credited to your player account, you will have certain wagering requirements to fulfill before it can be withdrawn. With that said, these wagering requirements tend to not be so copious so it is still worth trying to earn free money with no deposit bonus codes.

When a player receives their welcome package after making a deposit, they become eligible for a first deposit offer - something that most online casinos love rewarding their new players with. These first deposit offers come in a few different forms, however the most common seems to be deposit match bonus offers. Usually there will be a first deposit match bonus but the best online casinos will offer second and even third deposit match bonus offers!

For example, Golden Nugget online casino NJ offers a massive first deposit match bonus. After rewarding its new players with a free $20 on signup, Golden Nugget NJ offers a 100% match bonus on first deposits up to $1,500! WHat does this mean for you? If you sign up with Golden Nugget casino online NJ and then make a first deposit of, say, $1,000, Golden Nugget NJ will match you by adding an additional $1,000 to your player account, making the account total $2,000! You have the chance to earn up to $1,500 absolutely free!

There are even opportunities for free play after you have used up your welcome bonus offers. No deposit bonus codes for existing players allow free spins and sometimes even free play on other online casino games in the games library. These no deposit bonus codes appear in existing players email promotions. There are many ways online casinos reward their loyal players, but this is certainly one of the most common. Players can earn tons of free casino cash when playing online casino games free.

How to register with an online casino in US

It is quite simple to register with an online casino in the US. The hard part is deciding which online casino to choose. There are so many options when it comes to choosing a USA online casino - each offering a variety of different games, rewards, promotions, and other features. Doing a bit of research is necessary when deciding on a site to register with and start depositing into.

Our US-Casino.com experts have been researching the USA online casino sites and preparing long, honest reviews of all of the best online casinos. This makes your life much easier, as the research is now right in front of you. All you need to do is scan through the reviews on the legal casinos in your state and see which ones cater more towards your personal gaming preferences while offering the most free play, rewards, and promotions.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, simply navigate to the registration pages on these casino sites and fill in your details. Different registration pages are laid out in different formats but all generally require the same information. You will need to fill out some personal information in order to establish an identity on the site. This is why it is very important to only register with legal and regulated online casinos. Otherwise, you cannot be sure that your information is secure and protected. The information required usually includes:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Social Security Number

When your information has been entered and you have completed the registration process with the online casinos of your choice, take advantage of their no deposit codes, free spins, and free play offers! Play as many free casino games as possible and make yourself familiar with the selections offered on these sites. This will give you a good idea of the games you have to choose from and how much you enjoy playing the different variations. Casino sites can offer the same game titles but it does not always mean the games are the same. Depending on the game developers from which these titles came, they could end up having totally different features with different RTP rates, That's why it’s important to play around with different games before you start depositing a lot of your own money and playing real money casino games.

Mobile USA online casinos

Waiting in line at the supermarket or spending time on your phone during your lunch break has never been more entertaining. Nowadays, you can play online casino games from the convenience of your mobile phone and make money while you pass the time. With more and more players using their mobile devices to spin the reels or practice their table game skills, it seems to be necessary for online casino sites to offer mobile casino apps in order to keep up with competition.

Mobile casinos can now be accessed from most mobile devices. Online casinos are offering both Android and iOS mobile casino apps, however, not all online casinos can offer both. Hopefully this will change in the coming years as operators and developers adapt to the demand for mobile casino experiences.

Technology on these casino apps is steadily improving. The best online casinos offer casino apps with seamless transitions from desktop to mobile. These mobile apps allow you to download casino games to your device and play from there. Developers are working hard at improving the mobile gaming experience so that players can have the same online casino experience on mobile as they can achieve on the desktop counterparts. Game developers have even come out with clever ways of fitting copious amounts of information mobile screens in order to efficiently play certain casino games.

Some casino apps have massive games selections and some still have a ways to go. All casino games are now offered via mobile casino apps, however, depending on the casino app you are using, you may not always be able to access certain games. Most of the popular games are available on most online casino apps including slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker. There are even multiple variations of these casinos games offered on mobile casinos.

Online casino bonuses can be accessed from mobile casinos as well. In fact, some online casinos even offer special mobile casino bonuses exclusively for mobile game play!

How to withdraw winnings from a USA online casino

Once you have filled your player account with winnings from playing online casino games, how do you retrieve your cash? There are many different ways you can withdraw winnings from a USA online casino. Not all online casinos offer the same banking methods, however. This is something you should always find out before you start making deposits. This helps to avoid frustration when it comes time to get a hold of your cash. It is also important to note that different payment methods come with different minimum and maximum amounts. Also, know that certain online casinos will have added fees attached to certain types of transactions. Banking methods are not straightforward across the board, therefore, always research these things before depositing.

Legal online casinos, by law, must be affiliated with land-based casinos in order to obtain a license. This means there is always a casino cage in which you can retrieve your cash. This is not the most convenient but certainly the most reliable way of retrieving cash. In order to collect your money at a casino cage, simply find out which land-based casino your casino site is associated with and request your withdrawals there.

The most popular withdrawal methods tend to be the most convenient methods such as PayPal and other e-wallets. Credit and debit cards as well as cryptocurrency options also provide convenient ways of making online casino banking transactions.

Above all else, make sure that you are only carrying out banking transactions with licensed and regulated online casinos so that withdrawals happen in a safe and seamless manner. Licensed online casinos are regulated by state law to ensure that these processes are secure.

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